attendant giving a discussion Holy Health Care Services offers a range of services that are designed:

  • to help individuals cope with domestic abuse, family issues and peer pressure
  • to help adults deal with depression and prevent tendencies to self-harm
  • to help adults handle mental health and behavioral issues or in their battle with substance abuse as they make their way towards recovery
  • to help elderly individuals (and their families) to manage memory-related disorders or behavioral changes in senescence
  • to help virtually every individual adult to take control of their lives, make sound decisions and
  • to help individuals with community support and care management services

These services are organized into programs and will include essential components in an effective mental health treatment plan. Treatment Plans will be based on the individual health, mental state and environmental factors affecting the behavior of the individual. In a nut shell, we do our part to help the individual manage often complex mental issues by going one step at a time towards taking control of their lives. Services include:

  • Behavioral Needs Assessment
  • Individual, Family, & Group Therapy
  • Interactive Psychotherapy
  • Trauma-Based Therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Prevention, Intervention & Group Counseling
  • Community In-Home Support
  • Life Skills Training
  • Coping Skills Training Medication Management
  • Medication/Somatic
  • Day-Treatment Program

Please learn more about our programs in more detail. Visit these links: